Backup & Archive

Backup & Archive

Protecting critical data has always been a high priority. Today, industries have evolved, data collection has increased, and so has tighter regulation. Data Protection is now key to competitive success and on-going operations. Nexenta® Software-Defined Storage solutions enable highly robust data protection that’s great for business growth and the bottom line.

Nexenta enables you to create an accessible online data store that facilitates and safeguards company-critical information for extended periods of time, significantly lowers corporate costs and risks, and increases end user productivity and organizational efficiency. Improved IT efficiency comes with increased user productivity, which easily can be sustained throughout future technology changes.

Business Continuity 

Nexenta provides the utmost in data integrity solution utilizing a 128-bit filesystem with multi layer checksums, making for a self healing file system. This combined with multiple levels of physical drive protection from mirrors to triple parity drives reduces the risk of loss of services. An enhanced fault management architecture also detects failures and false positives to reduce unscheduled downtime. These filesystem features used in conjunction with application layer protections and disaster recovery plans (to include on and off site replication) allow for consistent data presentations.

Multi-Site Continuous Availability with NexentaStor MetroHA

NexentaStor MetroHA(link is external) brings the cost benefits of Software-Defined Storage to the most critical business critical applications. Building on proven ATTO FibreBridge(link is external) from ATTO Technology to stretch a NexentaStor high-availablity cluster between two sites in the same building, campus or metropolitan area, NexentaStor MetroHA delivers zero data loss and continuous operations in the event of site failures. The solution synchronously mirrors data between sites and ensures that in the event of a total site disruption, data services are restored at the remote site within a matter of seconds. NexentaStor MetroHA gives data center managers the ability to protect business critical applications and eliminate the risk of data loss.

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