So sánh bộ lưu trữ QSAN XCubeFAS XF2026D và HPE Nimble AF1000


QSAN XCubeFAS XF2026D vs HPE Nimble AF1000

HPE Nimble AF1000

Về phần cứng

HardwareQSAN XCubeFAS XF2026DHPE Nimble AF1000Ưu điểm của QSAN
Form Factor2U264U48
ProcessorIntel Xeon 4-core8-core
Memory per Controller / SystemDDR4 32GB/64GB
(up to 128GB/256GB)
Back-end SSD InterfaceSAS 12Gb/s SSDSATA 6Gb/s SSDSAS 12Gb/s is faster than SATA 6Gb/s
Onboard Connectivity4 x 10GbE iSCSI4 x 10GbE iSCSISupport both data and replication ports
Expansion Connectivity4 x 12Gb SAS3 Expansion4 x 12Gb SAS3 Expansion
Versatile Host Connectivity10GbE iSCSI
8Gb/16Gb FC
8Gb / 16Gb FC
Max Host Card Slot44
Max Host Connectivity20 (4+16)12 (4+8)
IOPS Throughput1,900K+IOPS (seq. read) 800K IOPS (ran. read)40K IOPS (100% read)
35K IOPS (70% read/30% write)
Ultra high performance
Best breed for random IO
Max # of drive13048Better scalability to extend capacity
Max Raw Capacity1996TB184TBMore capacity support

Về tính năng

FeaturesQSAN XCubeFAS XF2026DHPE Nimble AF1000Ưu điểm của QSAN
SSD Usage & Health MonitoringYes (QSLife)N/AQSLife also provides customized alert
SSD Endurance ImprovementYes (QSRAID)Triple+ Parity RAIDReduce unnecessary writing when rebuild
Acceleration EngineYes (QSOE 2.0)NoOptimization engine improves performance
System AnalysisYes (On-time & History Data)N/A
– Performance ReportYes (QSReport)N/AQSReport reports latency, IOPS, and throughput
– Capacity ReportYes (QSReport)N/AQSReport reports volumes and system capacity
– Granularity30 sec.N/A
– Duration1 day ~ 1 yearN/AHistory of data analysis
Max# of LUNs4,096N/AMore LUN support
Thin ProvisioningYesN/A
Grouping OperationYes (Host & Volume Group)N/A
SnapshotsYes (QSnap 2.0)N/A
– Max# of Snapshots4,096N/AMore snapshot support
– Snapshot Recycle BinYes (QSnap 2.0)N/A
Local CloneYes (QClone 2.0)YesAuto local clone, easy configuration
Remote ReplicationYes (QReplica 2.5)YesAuto remote replication, easy configuration
Wake-on-SASYesN/AEasy power on/off

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